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The 1.4 Awards Show celebrates the world’s cleverest and most original short-form filmmakers.
It is simply about brilliant filmmaking.

Our only requests? Entries must be less than 20 minutes in length and have been made in the past 18 months (in or after Jan 2021) if they haven't been entered in  previous 1.4 Awards.   Simple!


Media type: Video
File types: mov, mp4
File size: Up to 500 Mb
Minimum resolution: 1920 x 1080 Video codec: H264

We can also accept your entry media as a Vimeo or YouTube link.
PLEASE NOTE this should NOT be private or password protected.


You can enter work in one of three experience levels:
Flying High Directors (Established/more than 4 years professional experience)
On the Cusp of Greatness (Up to 4 years professional experience)
In the Making (Film students and unsigned very new directors) any of these categories:

Music Video
Where music meets the moving image! For work commissioned by a musical artist or label to promote a musical project.

Sport NEW FOR 2022
From fly-fishing to hang gliding, surfing to skateboarding - anything goes as long as it’s exhilarating or mesmerising or a good visual story. Probably not darts then. Films in this category may also be eligible to enter in other 1.4 Awards categories.


Celebrating the best and most imaginative move-busting work. Strike a pose! Films in this category may also be eligible to enter in other 1.4 Awards categories.

Planet Positive
Filmmaking with a side-order of optimism. This new category imagines what the world could be, and makes the best of the world we have now. Films in this category may also be eligible to enter in other 1.4 Awards categories.

Brilliant films for brilliant brands. Films commissioned by a brand as a commercial made primarily for cinema or television distribution. Maximum length: 120 seconds.

Short Film - Fiction
The best of succinct storytelling.

Short Film - Non Fiction
Showing us the world as it is. Short-form documentary or informative work.

For the most ingenious animations in the land. A substantial chunk of the work must be animated. Films in this category may also be eligible to enter in other 1.4 Awards categories.

Branded Content
Longer projects for brilliant brands. Commercially branded commissioned work, mainly intended for online distribution. Commercials longer than 120 seconds are eligible in this category.

Fashion Film
Beyond the catwalk. Work inspired or commissioned by fashion designers or labels to promote a wearable collection.

Personal Project
For that film that you just HAD to make. Non-commissioned labours of love, video art projects, or spec commercials.

Works of wizardry whether full-blown CGI or simply extra dimensions of surreal magic. 


EARLYBIRD entries close 22 July, 2022
STANDARD entries close 16 September, 2022
FINAL DEADLINE for entries (with late fee) is 30 September, 2022
click here for entry fees

Judging & Winners

Judging Process:

1.4 and an advisory board of judges will select the Longlist which will be featured on the 1.4 website in early November.

An international jury of curators and commissioners will then select a Shortlist from which there will be a final vote to select the Winners.

Online laurels will be available for Shortlist and Winners who  will be selected by the 1.4 Awards Jury.

Celebration and ceremony:

The Shortlist and Winners will be honoured at the 1.4  Awards of Brilliant Filmmaking Party on 30 November, 2022.
Tickets available here

Shortlisted and Winners’ work will be shown in full-length (unless there are festival restrictions) on the 1.4 website.

Many of the shortlisted and showcased directors will be interviewed and featured on 1.4.

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