The 1.4 Awards Show celebrates the world’s cleverest and most original short-form filmmakers.
It is simply about brilliant filmmaking.

Entries to be no longer than 20 minutes.

Work to have been made over the past 18 months. The work must not have been entered in last year's 1.4 Awards.
Deadline for entries is Wednesday, August 30th 2019.

There are two Showcases:
On the Cusp of Greatness (Directors who have been directing for up to 4 years including film school directors)
Flying High Directors (More established directors)

1.4 will select the Long List.
The 1.4 Awards Showcases will be selected by an international jury.
Medal winners will be selected by 1.4.

There is one Gold Medal award for Lifetime Achievement Award and the other gold and silvers will be awarded to fresh and fantastic new directors.

Relevant directors on the Long List will be featured on the 1.4 curated website.

By entering the 1.4 Awards Show it is understood that you agree for your film to be shown at other international events. We will contact you to let you know.